Backup-Data Recovery

We specialize in the recovery of corrupted Microsoft SQL mdf and ldf files related to [E-MDS] electronic medical records systems.Corruption can be caused by hardware failure, mis-configured database engine settings, improper database backups, failed software upgrades without proper backups.
The techniques applied to medical records system database recovery can be applied to other business databases also.

We can recover data from individual hard drive failures in laptops and desktops in specific cases where the drive is still functioning but the operating system will not load properly.

We can recover and rebuild corrupted RAID sets in many instances due to hardware failure or controller battery failure.

Off-site Amazon S3 encrypted backups.

We can install and configure software that will on a schedule replicate your critical data to cloud storage (Amazon S3 secure storage)
Amazon is one of the largest data storage providers in the world and many popular backup softwares use Amazon S3 as the back end where
their services store the data they backup. We take you directly into Amazon S3 and design a backup solution that fits your specific needs. Once
in Amazon S3 storage your data can be automatically replicated to a 2nd data center location dependent on your geographic location.

Local on-site backups

We can design a local backup solution using multiple cost effective network drives. The backups are encrypted on the network drive so that theft
or loss of a drive does not effect the business integrity.